IELTS Online Coaching- Benefits, Comparison, Best Online IELTS Courses

One of the biggest decisions that candidates have to make before pursuing IELTS for higher studies abroad is from where they are going to take IELTS coaching. There are two broad options either they can go for offline IELTS coaching from an institute or they can go for IELTS online coaching. Only expert guidance can lead you towards the success in IELTS exam but deciding on which path they can move to get success is the biggest milestone.

This article is all about IELTS online coaching, its benefits, the best IELTS online coaching platforms, and a bit of comparison between offline and IELTS coaching online. Hope this will head you towards the right decision.

Why Choose IELTS Coaching Online?

IELTS coaching online is preferable to IELTS offline coaching in terms of convenience. The training programs can be designed as per your comfort. On successful enrollment in the online course, a candidate gets access to study material for all the 4 IELTS modules (listening, writing, reading & speaking) & in some cases also gets additional material for grammar and speaking skills improvement. There are a plethora of benefits to choosing IELTS online coaching over offline classes which will be discussed further in this article.

What are the Benefits of IELTS Online Coaching?

▶️No Fixed Time

Candidates do not need to stick to a fixed time schedule when they enroll for IELTS online coaching. It becomes really tiring for the candidates to attend any class after their 9 to 5 job schedule. Giving physical presence in the classes leaves no or minimal energy to understand the concept. That’s where IELTS online coaching has its upper leg in which students get complete flexibility in terms of time. They can structure their IELTS classes as per their convenience. Whenever they find some leisure time, they can utilize it well with the practice online IELTS practice sessions.

▶️ Learn from the best tutors

The Internet is stuffed with innumerable IELTS online courses from the world’s best tutors. By choosing IELTS online classes you are all allowed to get their expert guidance while preparing for the IELTS exam. Whenever you get a doubt, you don’t need to wait for your next session when you can get immediate answers to all your queries in no time. The feedback of expert tutors across the globe sharps up your skills in all the modules of the IELTS exam and helps you to crack IELTS exam with desired band score.

▶️ Personalized coaching

You may feel sometimes lost or negligible in the mob of candidates with the same aspirations as yours while attending IELTS offline classes but if you compare this scenario with IELTS online sessions then every candidate gets personalized attention in it. You get access to clear all your doubts to face to face with your mentor either by face-to-face video chat or by comments in a Live session. Remember your every query is answered immediately in IELTS online coaching depending upon the choice of the best IELTS online course.

▶️ Affordable

If we talk about expenses, then this is where IELTS online coaching becomes so preferable & impressive. There are countless IELTS online courses that are more affordable as compared to offline modes. Without spending an extra dime you get access to countless benefits which you might not get in expensive offline IELTS coaching. What else you can wish for?

▶️ Online Study material & assessments

As everything is taught online so the study material and assessments are. You get assessments, you submit assessments, and you get your mistakes as well and solutions to improve. Just a good internet speed and a system are required, you can also access your study material through your smartphone depending upon your convenience.

▶️ No distractions

All the study material is available right in front of you. You are directly connected with your mentor and share your screen for a better understanding of concepts. Your friends and mates can also join the same sessions which help to gain wider perspectives related to the concept.

▶️ Quality Training

IELTS is the turning point in the lives of many individuals. We understand the importance of clearing IELTS exam with desired band score, this is why our trainers toil really hard to provide quality training to the individuals. IELTS is not just a course to learn English but it is more of learning each concept of a language with excellence.

▶️ Create your own study plan

In IELTS online coaching, creating your own study plan on your own comfort terms is very easy. You have full control over your own class schedule, your practice session timing, live classes, and doubt sessions. Everything related to training is flexible in IELTS online coaching plan. You are all allowed to watch and implement the tips and tricks in the video lectures whenever and wherever you want. You can also skin the session in which your performance is pretty good as compared to other modules. Everything is flexible per your convenience.

▶️ Updated Tips & Tricks

As you are connected to expert mentors across the globe, so you also get enrolled for the latest tips and tricks related to IELTS exam preparation. The tutors around the globe share their expert advice, tips, and tricks to crack the IELTS exam with ease and flawlessly.

How to Choose the Best IELTS Online Course?

There are certain factors that you must consider while choosing a complete IELTS training course online. Some of them are listed below-

▶️ Video lectures

Make sure the course you are going to choose has sufficient video lectures. Each video lecture must cover the concept in detail. Also, look out for the time duration of the complete course and whether you can invest that much time for online studies or not. How many mentors are there, what is the proportion given to each module to study and so on things need to be paid attention to when choosing is as your best online IELTS training course.

▶️ Doubt Sessions

Check for a number of doubt sessions they are offering to you during the course. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Also, keep in mind your convenience and whether you are available for that time span to attend the doubt session lecture. If not then you can request flexible batches before getting enrolled in the course.

▶️ Reliable Source

The course that you have chosen as the best IELTS online training course is reliable or not, this quality check is a must in order to crack your IELTS exam with desired band score. Reliability can be verified through the institute’s digital presence i.e. social pages, their updates related to the IELTS field, YouTube channel, the stuff they have posted online, and their website. If everything looks good and favorable then you can go ahead.

▶️ Student Reviews

Another way to strengthen the reliability of the online course is to check its student reviews. If you found some genuine online reviews then you can trust the particular IELTS online coaching. However, there are numerous platforms where there are fake reviews, so we suggest to beware of that. Some signs such as a mix of good and bad reviews, the way of writing the reviews, the profiles from where the reviews have been posted, and so on. We strongly recommend you rely on student video reviews.

▶️ Fees

Another factor that needs to be considered before joining IELTS online coaching is the expenses they are going to charge. As mentioned above, online IELTS classes are quite economical as compared to offline IELTS classes so try to make it justified by choosing the best yet affordable course online. There must be at least a 30%-40% difference in offline and online IELTS coaching, so make sure to take the benefit of that.

Difference Between IELTS Coaching Offline VS IELTS Coaching Online

Basis of Difference

IELTS Online Coaching

IELTS Offline Coaching


IELTS online coaching is quite convenient as you can attend the online sessions anytime anywhere.

On the other hand, in offline IELTS classes candidates has to stick by a stringent IELTS class schedule.


Online IELTS coaching is an affordable one as compared to offline coaching.

IELTS offline coaching classes is an expensive one.


Aspirants get a golden opportunity to choose among the best trainers across the world.

A candidate gets taught by the trainers of the institute.

Study Material

Candidates get access to latest study material and updates.

In some cases, you get the availability of old material which might not help in matching up the latest criteria.


You can create you own study plan & get doubt session clarity anytime anywhere.

Here, you get the availability of the trainer till the class timing and course duration.


If your course provides you with one-to-one attention or immediate doubt solution then it will feel like you are attending offline class with a personal IELTS trainer.

You might get undivided or negligible attention in the class when you attend offline coaching.


Here, you can work at your own pace. You might understand things very quickly so you would be able to complete the course at the earliest. Or it also might be possible that you face difficulty in any particular module and want to practice it more as compared to other. You can adjust the time duration, the practice time according to your convenience and can study on your own pace.

This scenario is not possible in offline classes. You have covered up the syllabus along with the other candidates in the class which makes it difficult for you to catch things up like others.

List of Best IELTS Online Coaching Sites in India

As we all know that internet is flooded with innumerable IELTS resources to prepare for the IELTS exam. Out of the countless IELTS online coaching website available in India, we have handpicked some of the best ones listed below-

▶️ Take IELTS by British Council

IELTS exam is conducted by two platforms, one is British Council and the other one is IDP. British Council is one of the leading platforms for preparing for IELTS. It offers all the aspirants with sufficient study material that too at no cost. Mock tests are also conducted time to give you a feel of what you can expect from the IELTS exam. The instructors of the British council conduct these mock interviews and help you in preparing well for the exam.

▶️ Dr. Roma IELTS Online Coaching

Dr. Roma’s BDS institute of English has brought some excellent online IELTS courses for all willing aspirants. These courses are designed to fulfill every expectation of candidates from an online course. All 4 modules are explained in detail through video lectures and adequate study material is provided in the form of PDFs. The course is available at all at very reasonable rates. Further in this article, we have explained the course in detail.

▶️ IELTS Ninja

IELTS Ninja is another leading institute of online IELTS coaching. With easy sign-up procedures and a wide of courses, this platform has been gaining popularity. Brand predictor test will be conducted through IELTS Ninja on the evaluation of your performance in the IELTS reading, writing, speaking, and listening test a best study plan is designed for you. Want to give it a shot!

▶️ Udemy

Students can choose among the best IELTS trainers across the globe through Udemy. Countless Online IELTS coaching courses are listed on the platform to help you upscale your English language skills in 4 aspects i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There are different course fees and various tutors. The candidate gets to choose among the listed IELTS courses.

▶️ Magoosh

Get desired band score with the Magoosh platform for complete IELTS training. Select from the listed two types of course plan either its 1-month course or another one is 6 months course. Along with this, candidates get 7 day free trial for making the right choice whether they want to go further or not.

All About Dr. Roma IELTS Online Coaching

BDS Institute of English has brought up a thoughtful complete IELTS training course for all aspiring candidates across the globe. The key point of the popularity of the course is its structuring. Complete IELTS course is designed in this way that you will feel like attending offline classes by our expert mentor Dr. Roma. All the key aspects which are discussed in the offline classes are covered in the online course. Every module is given adequate weightage and material for preparing well for the IELTS exam.

▶️ IELTS Speaking

All three parts of speaking are covered under IELTS online coaching course. Before moving to speaking section part 1 the course starts with the tips and tricks related to IELTS speaking, how to remove hesitation while speaking, how to build a strong vocabulary, how to get fluency in English speaking. What else is included in Speaking Preparation?

  • Doubts related to IELTS speaking cleared
  • Short Questions with solutions
  • Explained Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Solution
  • Material available for complete 1 year
  • Anytime Anywhere Practice Facility
  • Techniques & IELTS Speaking tips to solve cue cards

▶️ IELTS Writing

Improve the overall writing skills with Dr. Roma's complete the IELTS training course. Every minute concept related to writing has been discussed in the course in detail. Also, the difficulties and mistakes that students often commit in writing exam have been discussed through video lecture.

▶️ IELTS Reading

Candidates often find reading as the most difficult section to crack in IELTS exam. Well, this is the answer to your myth. Join Dr. Roma complete IELTS training course and get a master in IELTS reading exam. All the categories of reading questions have been discussed in detail such as yes/no questions, true/false/not given questions, matching heading questions, Flowchart And Table Type Questions, and more. Every single mistake observed in masses of candidates is mentioned with a solution.

  • Enough Study Material in a form of PDF’s
  • Solutions along with each reading
  • Live Classes for Reading Section
  • Material Available for 1 year
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • IELTS Reading Tips, Tricks & Strategies to IELTS reading

▶️ IELTS Listening

Practice with different types of IELTS listening questions and audios for preparing well. All these types are covered under Dr. Roma IELTS preparation course. A candidate get access to this valuable study material for 1 year. Also, live classes for listening practice is there for on-the-spot doubt clearance.

  • Open listening in Live Classes
  • Tips, Tricks & Strategies to solve IELTS listening
  • One to One interaction of every candidate with mentor- Dr. Roma
  • 1 Year Validity of Listening Material

Features of Complete IELTS Training Course

  • All 4 Modules Covered- Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening
  • 400+ Recorded Video Lectures
  • 70+ Hours Content
  • Daily Live Classes & Doubt Sessions by Dr. Roma
  • Practice Test and Mock Test Included
  • Regular WhatsApp Group Updates regarding Latest exams Topics
  • One Time Payment-No Monthly Fees
  • One Year Validity
  • Anytime Anywhere Classes
  • All PDF’s, Notes & Practices Material is provided
  • Affordable Course Fees

List of Available IELTS Courses By Dr. Roma

  • IELTS Expected Questions
  • Dr. Roma IELTS Writing Templates + Cue Cards
  • Complete IELTS Training Course
  • IELTS General Training Course
  • IELTS Academic Course
  • PTE Templates

Final Verdict

Among countless online courses platform, we have handpicked some of the best ones and also discussed the advantages of choosing online IELTS coaching over offline IELTS coaching. IELTS online coaching is best for professionals and students who want the avail themselves of knowledge from tutors globally. Apart from having some drawbacks, IELTS online coaching is preferable and also very suitable to masses of candidates. We also introduced you all to Dr. Roma complete IELTS Training course and numerous other courses in which you can get access to valuable study material and live classes for preparation. We wish all you very best for your bright future ahead. Stay Healthy! Stay Updated! All the Best!

Dr. Roma

Content Writer