10 Myths About Fluency In Spoken English-Get Tips To Improve!!

Language is the medium through which a person can communicate, ideas can be conveyed, and what a person speaks. There is a number of languages that are widely spoken in this world. Some languages have few speakers and some have worldwide understanding.

Talking about the English language, it is a widely spoken language and known to almost each and every country. It is just another language as one has his/her own language. A language has many components like its pronunciation, it's writing, speaking, reading, understanding, spellings, grammar, and fluency.

What does "Fluency" mean?

Fluency means the flow of the language while speaking. The lesser the fillers/gaps in speaking, the more fluent you will be regarded. Fluency arises when you get comfortable with the language and takes the language as your own language. It comes when you do not consider it as a foreign language.

  • Fluency has a range of capabilities that can be learned with hard work.
  • Do not be afraid of errors and try to learn something new daily.
  • Don’t bother about knowledge of English and try to speak it confidently.
  • Try to maintain eye contact with the listener. Just smile and breathe.

Fluency of English does not come when one has understood all the components rather it comes by practicing and also, there are many other factors that influence its fluency. There are many false beliefs about the fluency of the English language. 

Today, my article will focus on some of the myths about English language fluency which are discussed as below:- 

1. Fluency comes after Learning Full Grammar

It is widely accepted among students that if their grammar is strong, fluency arises itself. But, my dear students, it is incorrect. Language has one of the major components of grammar but it does not mean that if you are good at grammar, you can speak that language without any fillers. Having a good hold over grammar leaves fewer chances to get you to fall prey to major mistakes.

2. Visiting an English Speaking Country

Again one of the major false idea that if a person visits in an English speaking country, makes them fluent in the language. It is totally wrong as mere visiting does not mean that you can, too, speak that language. Maybe a long period of time in that country, makes you well versed in English but still a complete fluency can be observed in natives only. 

3. Having Certification makes you Fluent

Another myth related to the fluency of the language is that many people boast about their certification in a particular language. Having a certified knowledge of the English language does not mean that you can speak that language fluently. It will mark your knowledge for the areas of language like your grammar or spelling etc. Fluency comes with speaking. Certification comes after tests and it is good that the person who is learning English, has full knowledge of English.

4. Native Speakers are Good Teachers

It is generally believed among masses that if you want to learn any language, go and find a teacher who is native to that particular language speaking area. But in my opinion, it is again a myth. Native speakers as teachers can teach you about the parts of speech. They can tell you how to speak but the speaking part rests with you. It depends on one’s own self-practice. The more the speaking, the more fluency comes. 

5. Fluency Means No Errors 

As earlier told, fluency does not come when you are a master in grammar. It is a myth that if you are fluent, you do not make mistakes. It should be noted that if you are learning English or any other language as your second language, there will be some words that will still be pronounced as your native language. So, keep it out of your mind that fluent speaking means no mistakes.

Rather, just focus on speaking with diligence and patience, keep working hard to reach the level near perfection.

6. Fluency comes Quickly

Again a major myth among the masses is that fluency comes quickly. But it a false idea and it should be accepted that not only in English but in any new language you are learning, the process of attaining fluency is gradual. Although, it is correct that parts of speech can be known in a limited period of time but being fluent in speaking takes infinity of time.

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7. Downloaded Application Online makes you Fluent

These days, in this era of automation, many applications are out there which can help people to learn new languages. A famous and much downloaded app is the ‘Duolingo’ app. People have falsely relied on the myth that if they are practicing on the app, they are getting fluent.

Again it is being cleared that apps will also aid you in learning the language but not making you fluent.

8. Either Perfection or No Perfection

It is generally believed that if you are not perfect in the fluency of any language, you don’t know how to speak. It is a false idea as there is always a gap between no to yes. If you are a beginner in any language, there will come many points in between where you can speak better but you are not perfect. Even perfect speakers are near to perfection and they, too, do mistakes.

9. Fluency remains Constant

Connected with the last aforesaid belief, it is too believed by many people that if they get fluent once, they will never do fumble. It’s incorrect as fluency is not permanent. It can be achieved by hard work but it also requires constant supervision on oneself, on speaking of that language. 

10. Your Fluency Makes you Understand Everybody

It is again an incorrect belief that if you get fluent, it becomes the criteria for understanding each and every speaker of that language. There are many types of speakers of one language as sometimes, people mumble, some speakers speak too fast to understand, etc. Even, sometimes, native speakers are not able to understand each other.

It is usually suggested that regard to this, the persons who are learning any new language should meet or watch various persons speaking that language.

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Well, students, fluency is not a myth. It can be attained. But do no develop false ideas about it and keep practicing for it in a better way to attain your goal. Always remember that nobody is perfect. Just go with the flow but with a direction.

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