Common IELTS Speaking Cue Cards 2022 With Solutions

Speaking test is taken to judge speech and language knowledge. In IELTS exam, it is one of the tests which is generally taken as a difficult one among students. They usually tend to get nervous in this test. However, with a good hold over language and regular practice, a student can win over this situation.

Pattern of the Speaking Test

Speaking test is taken for 11 to 14 minutes, in total. It is conducted in three rounds where the first and third rounds are about asking questions with a difference of introductory questions in the first one and questions related to the second round in the third round. The second round is the cue card round. In this article, a discussion will be taken for the cue cards.

What is a Cue Card?

IELTS Speaking cue card is basically a card on which some cue or clues will be given about which a student is expected to say a speech. It is a topic speaking round of for at least 2 minutes. Before you are going to say, a time period of a minute will be given to prepare for the topic. It can be any random topic related to regular life. It can be based on some personal experiences, about some animal or bird, about favorite actor or music band, about the city you live in or its famous tourist attractions etc.

Things to remember

  • Try to cover all the points mentioned in the cue card.
  • Try to keep it in proper order. Do not mix your ideas.
  • Do not deviate from the main context of the topic.
  • Keep your pace balanced, that is, not much low and not much high.
  • Pitch of your sound should be balanced too.
  • It should last for 2 minutes.
  • Avoid fillers in between.
  • Utilize your 1 minute time of planning in a better way.

Some Important Examples of Recent Cue Card Topics

1. Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn

  • When and why did you learn
  • How you learned
  • How you felt when you learned
  • How it helped in your day to day life

Well, some skills are quite essential to learn but can be quite difficult to acquire. Today I am going to talk about one such skill is driving, which I learned but found very difficult.
Actually, I had a great deal of fear on my mind towards driving. So that I could gain confidence, my father got me enrolled at a driving school. Mr. Mehta was my driving instructor who was quite confident, friendly, and soft-spoken.
Once I got on the highway, Frankly speaking, every time a truck was coming from the other side, I was getting off the road in fear. This time my trainer got a little angry with me and said, you must keep the courage if you want to learn this skill.

Slowly and steadily, I got more and more comfortable with driving on the road in different conditions. I was feeling like that I have learnt to drive but then the most challenging part came which was to drive in the city centre, the area with heavy traffic. I got Goosebumps to drive in this busy area. The car was hardly moving because of traffic, and my engine was going off again and again, but I kept the courage this time. Though I had a minor accident with an auto-rickshaw.
I learned a lot from my mistakes and the experience of Mr. Mehta and today, I can confidently drive a car, but it was not an easy skill to acquire for me.

2. Talk about any item on which you spent more than expected

  • What was that item
  • In which situation you buy it.
  • Did you regret later or you are happy
  • Is that item worth spending?

Today, I’m going to tell you about a time I spent a lot of money on buying a mobile phone.

Last month, while traveling back home from work, I was caught in the rain and got drenched. Unfortunately, my phone, which I put in my trousers’ pocket, got water damage too. I took it to the phone repair shop but all efforts were in vain. So, I decided to buy a new one. At that time, Samsung had just launched their latest model, which was the Sam- sung Galaxy Note 10+. And needless to say, I was immediately hooked on its new design. It was gorgeous to look at and the image quality was incredible with nice diverse colours. The thing which I was particularly impressed by was the hole cut in the top for the selfie camera because it was totally smaller than any other model. Everything about this phone was perfectly amazing, except for one thing, the price. It was sold for an exorbitant price of 70000 INR. To be honest, I had never spent such a huge sum of money like that on anything before.
After a few days of weighing up the cost, I finally made up my mind to buy this expensive phone. Normally, I would go to the mobile store to properly examine the phone before making a decision to buy it. But this time, I decided to purchase it online because the price on the website was 5000 lower than in-store. And the phone was delivered right the next day with no breakage or problems at all. In my opinion, spending huge money on smartphones is not much worth as technology changes daily. However, it was the need of the time and now I am happy with my spending.

3. Describe a public place or building you have visited and liked

  • Which is that place/building
  • When did you visit it
  • Why you liked it?
  • Would you visit it again

India has a rich historical background. There are many buildings, which are the pride of India. Here I would like to talk about the Parliament House in New Delhi. I visited this national building when I was in 10th. Our school took us on an educational tour. I remember vividly, we were 40 students and 4 teachers. It is not only important historically, but also architecturally. The architecture of this building depicts Indian traditions and culture. Parliament House is one of the most magnificent buildings in New Delhi. Visitors to Delhi generally pay a visit to this building The two Houses of Parliament—the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are located within its walls. It is a huge circular building spread over 6 acres of land. The building has twelve gates among which Gate No. 1 on the Sansad Marg is the main gate. The Central Hall is circular in shape and its dome, which is one of the most magnificent domes in the world. The Central Hall is a place of historical importance. The Indian Constitution was framed in the Central Hall. At present, the Central Hall is used for holding Joint Sittings of the two Houses. The Chamber of the Lok Sabha is semi-circular in shape and has seating accommodation for 550 Members. Rajya Sabha Chamber is smaller in size. It has a seating capacity of 250.The building is fully air-conditioned. It combines the value of both the old and the new forms of architecture. The outer portion of the building is finished in red sandstone. Though entry to Parliament House is free, it requires official permission for visitors to enter the Parliament. The total time required to see the Parliament House is approximately 2 hours. The best time to visit Parliament House is when it is in session.

4. What is your plan if it would not be study or work?

  • What it is about?
  • Why you made this plan?
  • What do you need to do first?
  • How would you feel after its success?

Most people strive hard to gain success in life, but they have a wish they like to fulfil deep in their minds. Like others, I too have a desire, which I would like to fulfil, and I have already made a plan for that. Being a travel enthusiast, I want to travel the whole world as a solo traveller. As a traveller, my taste is a bit different as compared to others. Unlike others, I do not pay much heed to local sightseeing. For me, authentic travelling takes place when you get mixed with another culture.
When you travel in a group, you find it difficult for the members to entertain the special requests of someone. Therefore, solo travelling is a prudent approach to spend your holidays according to your wish. The first and foremost thing to make this plan work is the arrangement of cash. Secondly, I need to amass a lot of knowledge regarding the destination where I would be travelling. Because as a backpacker, you do not have much support in a foreign nation. During tough times, the knowledge you have gathered will help you to handle the conflicts adroitly. Apart from this, I need to be good at basic skills like cooking, washing clothes etcetera. When this plan would be successful, I will become the happiest person on earth. I believe that nothing is impossible and the world is so wide, in my lifetime, I can make it to some of it.

Most Common Unsolved IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topics.

  • Describe a school you went in your childhood.
  • Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend.
  • Describe any product or application that is based on artificial intelligence (hint: Google Alexa)
  • Describe a person who likes to travel by plane.
  • A leisure activity you like to do with your family (hint: playing cards or watching movie)
  • Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored (hint: office trip where colleagues were not your friends)
  • Describe a time when you first met someone. (hint: a person in your internship is now your best friend, your thoughts and ideas matched)
  • Describe a picture or photograph in your home.
  • Describe an experience when you taught an older person something new. (Hint: using whatsapp to my grandma)
  • Describe a live sports match you watched recently.

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