How to get rid of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) Issue While Speaking in English?

Our today’s topic is really interesting and I am sure many of you have often faced this problem while speaking English that is how to low down the impact of mother tongue influence (MTI) while speaking?

You might be unaware of the fact that sometimes you speak English in Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali or Telugu. It’s our mother tongue influence or dialects due to which we speak wrong pronunciation of words and there’s a touch of our mother tongue in speaking.

Instead of being aware of this mistake that there’s the interference of mother tongue sounds in your speaking, you are not able to control it. Somehow it also leads to losing confidence while speaking English in public or in the IELTS speaking exam. This may also raise embarrassment and hatred for the English language.

No need to get worried, this is a common problem and with regular practice you can also get rid of it. Below in this article, we will share some tips to do so.

What is Mother Tongue Influence?

Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) refers to the impact of mother tongue on the second language you speak which is English for example.

In other words, we can say it is what we use to detect the nationality of someone on the basis of tone, MTI effect and dialects he/she uses while English Speaking.

Impressive English-Speaking skills with accurate grammar usage is the key to get desired band score in IELTS speaking exam but at the same time we can’t deny the fact that incorrect pronunciation and MTI also affects the IELTS band score.

Why People Commonly Face MTI Problem?

The biggest reason why students face this problem while English is lack of concentration and weightage given to pronunciation of words in Indian Schools as the number of dialects in India is high in number. This is why it becomes highly difficult for teachers to pick each one of dialect research and neutralize it.

Tips To Get Rid Of Mother Tongue Influence

▶️ Articulation of Sounds In English

Correct pronunciation is the most important aspect of increasing fluency in English. Candidate must be conscious of about the pronunciation in English and sounds. On joining a professional English-speaking institution, you will be taught about different sounds, tone, lip movement while pronouncing various words in English. Certainly, you will learn about articulation of sounds in English. Keep on practicing and your pronunciation will get improved.

▶️ Make English Speaking your habit

The more you get used to speaking English the clearer your pronunciation will be and even more confident your tone will be. It is also one of the best ways to get rid of MTI effect. Initially, it would be difficult for you to switch on English language on regular terms but slowly you will get used to it after observing really positive changes in your English-speaking skills. Also, for improvement listen to your trainer words carefully or record it in any device and listen to it again and again then repeat the same tone pronunciation of the word and use it on regular terms.

▶️ Intonation and Rhythm in English

Mother tongue Influence gets reflected strongly when we speak with wrong English intonation and rhythm. The examiner would have hard time in understanding what you want to say. So, the easiest approach is to understand what intonation and rhythm in English is and improve it. Let me just tell you regular practice with the help of an expert trainer is the best source to do so. The prime aim is to make the examiner understand what you want to speak.

▶️ Focus on Reading

Wherever you find some good context to read, just go for it be it a newspaper, magazine, novel or any other medium. Reading is the best way to get rid of impact of Mother Tongue Influence(MTI) effect. Also, it is preferable to read in high volume for best results. Another thing you can do is to record what you read and then make it listen by a professional English-speaking trainer for corrections and improvement in tone and pronunciation.

▶️ Use of English in Daily Basis Conversations

Speaking English in Daily basis conversations is the best way to make your English fluency strong and get you MTI issue fixed. You share words with your friends, colleagues, you learning partner in class and more, try to speak in English with them for some basic conversations. Daily practice and implementation of this approach will make the effect of MTI effect lower. Moreover, it will boost your confidence to another level.

▶️ Binge Watch English Movies & Series

Web series and Films leaves a great impact on us. At the same time, it can be a great source of learning too. It affects our communication to some extent when we try to imitate the same accent that we heard in the movie, try to copy their tone and accent. Also, you can listen to English songs and try to sing it along for improvement in English fluency and get rid of MTI issue. This practice also increases the words in your vocabulary.

Best Movies & TV Series To Improve English

▶️ Improve English Pronunciation

Record your voice and listen to your pronunciation. Make it listen by your friends and trainer whom you trust can give you genuine reviews and feedback. After getting feedback, learn from your mistakes and improve it.

While reading a word from even a dictionary, it is recommended to know its pronunciation and how it is spelled phonetically.

You can also refer to tongue-twister practicing for improving pronunciation and getting rid of MTI issue. Reading tongue twister will benefit you by providing you knowledge about homophonic words, differences between sound of constants.

▶️ Use of Artificial Intelligence

With the plethora of Artificial Intelligence tool available in the market that works on your command can help in improving your English at a great extent. Some of profoundly known software and devices are SIRI, Google Assistant, Alexa and more. If your pronunciation is not correct then software will not give you relevant results. Best practice is to keep on saying the same word again and again until it detects it right. Once you are right, the relevant results will be displayed in front of you. There you go!

How Dr. Roma Online IELTS Preparation Course helps?

▶️ Personalized Training-

One of the major reasons to take up Dr. Roma Online IELTS Preparation Course is students are offered with personalized training with the help of recorded lectures and access to weekly live classes. Whether taking up online or offline IELTS training course from BDS Institute of English, you get personalized and one-to-one training to make your English sound perfect and remove the MTI issue. Our experienced trainers will keenly listen to your words and correct it for perfect pronunciation.

▶️ Offer Learning Materials-

Students will be provided with the reliable and valuable learning materials including podcasts to learn pronunciation and to shed the mother tongue influence. Follow the given learning material offered under course and accordingly practice the same. Our prime aim is to help our students in learning English fluently and get desired band score in IELTS exam.

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