Proven Ways To Enhance Your Vocabulary & Get Higher IELTS Score

The academic and general IELTS is meant to test your command of the English language in every aspect. Today, in this article we are going to discuss the topic that is not individually tested in the exam yet it is very important to score high in each section of the IELTS exam. The idea is to make all of our candidates aware of the fruitful ways of improving IELTS vocabulary.

Students rich in vocabulary have approximately 20% - 30% more chances of getting a high score in the speaking and writing section of the IELTS exam, but yes pronunciation and spelling of the words do matter here. However, it also plays an important role while going through reading and listening modules for better understanding.

Let's Quickly Start With The Ways To Improve IELTS Vocabulary

1. Build Up Study Habits

Investing in knowledge always helps you to acquire excellence so in IELTS as well. Build up good study habits wherever you get an opportunity. The various sources to grab new vocabulary are newspaper reading, listening to news reports, reading magazines, articles and so many more. But just reading these words won't work until you don't try to understand the meaning and spelling of the word. Don't do guesswork by just translating it through sentence reading. Use a dictionary or search engines for a better understanding of the word, its form of the verb, and so on.

2. Make the Best Use Of Your Dictionary

Let me introduce you to your new best friend- Dictionary. Look for the new words that you encounter in your routine through various mediums. Make the most of your dictionary by not just reading the meaning of the word, but instead looking at the form of the word, its pronunciation, and its uses in various forms. Also, read about its phonetic sounds and practice them.

3. Understand & Memorize New Words

Many of you have a bad habit of leaving new words that might be difficult to pronounce or understand with the thought that those won't be required in our IELTS exam. But wait, don't do that, instead of practice them. Just reading magazines and articles are of no use if you didn't capture marvelous IELTS vocabulary from these sources. Read it, spell it, pronounce it, write it and you are all set with a new word in your IELTS vocabulary. 

So understanding words are very important as a word might be used in different contexts with few definite meanings.

4. Learn Vocabulary On General Topics

A good practice for stuffing your vocabulary bag is to prepare words used in general IELTS topics. It will give you a direction from where to start. Focusing on vocabulary related to some common topic can help in improving your speaking exam score. 

Some of the common topics used in speaking.

  • Technology
  • Environment
  • JusticeEducation
  • Arts
  • Family

5. Keep IELTS Vocabulary Notebook

As per the research and reading various facts it is concluded that the words written by hand are more likely to be remembered instead of recording it digitally. So the idea is to keep a notebook in which you can quickly write and understand a new word. Soon it will be recorded in your mind Vocabulary.

Here are the few things that you can write along with your main word to make it more clarified and understood

  • Synonyms of the focus keyphrase
  • Antonym of the word
  • Example Sentence
  • Meaning of the main word
  • Different forms of the word

6. Go For Vocabulary Building Apps

There are countless vocabulary-building apps available on the web. You just need to pick up your smartphone and install the right vocabulary-building app for you. For a start, I would recommend the Voca Pocket app to you all. It helps you to build your own vocabulary and categorize it on the basis of the type of word. Also, it offers you an interactive game mode to make learning fun. 

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List of other vocabulary building apps

  • PowerVocab
  • VOCApp
  • Word To Word
  • FluentU
  • fortitude vocabulary builder

7. Use YouTube: Your Virtual Teacher

Using YouTube as your vocabulary teacher is a great deal. There are millions of videos and thousands of channels that provide IELTS exam tips & tricks along with different vocabulary sessions. These sessions are recorded to make students aware of the different academic words, their pronunciation, spellings, use in phrases, examples, and much more.

You can also refer to BDS Roma YouTube Channel for getting excellent study material related to general and academic IELTS

8. Learn Through Entertainment

Next, the best way of adding more words to your vocabulary is to gain knowledge from different entertainment sources. Watch TV programs, news channels, YouTube videos, Talk Shows, movies, podcasts, songs and so many more.

Another idea behind this is you will never get bored while learning new words and enhancing your vocabulary. While opting for this method pay more attention to new words used in audios and videos and in which context they are being used. This method is also one of the fastest methods of learning.

9. Symbols & Spellings

Whenever you encounter a new word make sure to learn about its features, type, and form.

For instance, In word pollution (nU) refers to uncountable nouns which make this word easier to be used in a sentence. Also, it is important to write down its other form ( pollute- noun, pollution- verb, polluted-adjective, pollutant-adverb).

10. Register a Word with Various Slangs

It is important to register a word in various forms and slang to improve your writing and speaking skills like formal words to express the word, informal ways, specific terms used for a word, and other words referred to as synonyms of the word as shown in the picture below.

Bonus Tips To Sharpen Your Vocabulary!

  • Learn One New Word a Day.
  • Understand the True Meaning of the word.
  • Use of sentence connectors while speaking on a topic.
  • Reading is an effective way to get new vocabulary.

Wrapping It Up!!!!

Get, Set, and Go all the way abroad. Starting from somewhere is always best than delaying an idea. These ways might help you all in improving your vocabulary, hence improving your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. All in all understanding new words by capturing with from different knowledgeable sources is the only key to get success and a bag full of rich words.

Therefore students can also join Dr, Roma's IELTS Online Coaching to learn the latest words in the vocabulary. Learn more and score desired bands in the IELTS exam. 

So which you are going to opt for and what is your favorite method?

let us know in the comment section!!!


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