30 Best IELTS Resources from Where You Can Prepare For IELTS

Where there is a will there is a way and this article is all about directing you through that way of success in the run of getting desired band score in your IELTS exam. Once you have decided to shift abroad for higher studies, work, or on a PR basis then you might have to excel well in your field with desired band score.

One might be looking for some best IELTS preparation sources. Well, Let me tell you that, the web is flooded with valuable sources to get updated and the latest IELTS Exam preparation material is in the form of YouTube Channels, Best IELTS Blog, IELTS Apps, Online IELTS preparation courses, sources from where you can download IELTS practice test and more.

Now the question arises- How to evaluate the usefulness of the IELTS source on which you are going to rely?

For getting the best from the pile of sources this article is written. We have jotted down the 5 best of each category on which students can rely and will definitely add some value to their IELTS exam preparation.

Make sure you completely go through this article and get the best from the best listed below-

Best YouTube Channels For IELTS

1. BDS Educomp

BDS Educomp is an established Institute of English by Dr. Roma Manglani BJMC, MA, Ph.D. (English). The channel is stuffed with dozens of video tutorials for IELTS exam preparation that too free of cost. The channel primarily focuses on giving handy tips and strategies to crack the IELTS exam with desired band score.

Students can surf through the playlists naming IELTS Reading, IELTS Speaking, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Listening to polish their skills in any one module. Also, the channel consists of genuine student reviews that work as a mark of excellence for the users to rely on.

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2. IELTS Liz

With over 1.4 million Subscribers and 40+ IELTS-oriented videos adding value to your preparation, IELTS Liz has gained the rating of the best IELTS YouTube Channel. Liz is the educator of the channel, a teacher with excellent pronunciation and high knowledge about the concepts of IELTS. The material provided in the channel is suitable to polish the skills of beginner to expert level of IELTS exam difficulty.

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3. IELTS Advantage

Get free IELTS exam preparation tutorials through this marvelous channel IELTS Advantage. This channel is popular due to its latest and excellent material on IELTS reading and listening practice and getting tips on writing and speaking. The way of presenting information is easy to understand and captivating at the same time.

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4. Fasttrack IELTS

Next up in the list of Best YouTube Channels for IELTS, we have Fasttrack IELTS. The IELTS educator of the channel is named Asiya, who has a couple of years of experience in taking the IELTS exam. What else can be better than this?

Her channel is having 50+ video blogs on assisting the candidate upon IELTS Academic and General exam preparation. Also, she provides valuable tips and tricks on the basis of her own experience that helped her to succeed.

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5. Oxford Online English

Oxford online English has a large audience base along with a large scope of subjects from minute topics such as English grammar, and pronunciation to IELTS academic and general modules. Set of experienced educators come up together here and share their valuable tips and experiences about the IELTS exam and English-Speaking skills. Alternatively, you can develop your accents and listening expertise by subscribing to this channel.

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Best IELTS Blog to Read

1. Roma IELTS

Roma IELTS is the most trusted platform for studying IELTS material. The blog covers all the aspects of the IELTS exam be it the modules of the exam or starting from scratch with English-speaking skills. So, all kinds of readers can pick out valuable stuff from the blog as per their needs. Learn tips, tricks, and strategies to get a high band score in each of the IELTS modules. Dr. Roma, the author of the blog is highly qualified and has years of experience in IELTS training that help them to offer researched and detailed articles adding value to student preparation for the exam. Many students confirm that reading Dr. Roma IELTS blog proved to be really helpful for their IELTS exam preparation.

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2. IELTS Liz

One of the leading IELTS blog has a sole motto of helping students to get desired band score in the IELTS exam. Liz (author of IELTS Liz) completed her training in 2008 and she stayed updated with the latest content to put the best IELTS material in front of her blog readers. Also, it is the hub of free IELTS resources and valuable IELTS exam topics.

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3. IELTS Buddy

IELTS buddy is your virtual buddy that will guide you throughout the journey of IELTS exam preparation. You can find the bulk of the material on IELTS sample papers of different modules along with a plethora of free lessons on IELTS reading, writing, listening, and speaking modules. Also, students can download free E-books written by the author of this blog.

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4. IELTS Advantage

IELTS advantage supports your IELTS preparation process with articles on the latest IELTS topics, tips and tricks to crack the IELTS exam, video explanation of the blog, documents, and infographics adding value to the article and for better understanding.

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5. IELTS Blog by British Council

If you want to surf through the news, have professional English-speaking skills, preparing for the IELTS exam then British Council IELTS blog is one spot destination for all IELTS exam preparation requirements. Get valuable test tips, exam preparation strategies, IELTS resources to prepare well, and much more. Their articles are detailed with accurate information and comprehensive strategies to prepare well for the exam.

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Best IELTS Books

1. Success to IELTS by Dr. Roma

Wonderful creation by Dr. Roma IELTS that provides candidates with the complete spectrum of how to be proficient in giving IELTS exam and gain high band score. This book is a must-read for native speakers who strive to crack the IELTS exam with desired band score in a single attempt. Success in IELTS justifies its name by offering students with extensive tips and tricks, strategies, and techniques to crack each module with desired band score.

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2. The Official Cambridge Guide

This edition of the official Cambridge guide is one of the best IELTS books. It covers all the modules of the IELTS exam by paying equal attention to all Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading. Book consists of exercises for improving the skills of candidates that you need to excel for getting desired band score in the IELTS exam.

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3. Official IELTS Practice Material

A valuable resource that helps students in preparing well for the IELTS examination. The book is written by Cambridge ESOL examiners and IELTS material writers having so many years of experience and expertise in their field. The book contains learning material and practice tests for Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (both Academic and General Training). The DVD consists of a Listening test for candidates to practice and film footage of three students taking the Speaking test.

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4. Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced

Next up in the list of best IELTS books we have a special edition of Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS. This book is a blessing to both test takers and people learning English. It has a decent set of advanced vocabulary that can make your writing excellent. Combined set of Cambridge Grammar for IELTS and The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS you can achieve desired results in your IELTS exam.

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5. Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced & How to Avoid Them

It is important to work on your mistakes in order to achieve a higher band score. So here is the best IELTS resource for improving your common mistakes. This practice book consists of usual errors that often candidates commit while giving their IELTS exam. Now you can master all the modules with the use of this final revision resource for the IELTS exam preparation.

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Best IELTS Apps

1. IELTS Prep App by British Council

IELTS prep app by the British council is an official app that includes

  • Overview of 4 modules of the IELTS exam
  • Free practice tests
  • Videos of IELTS Speaking interviews
  • Grammar exercises and much more.

It’s one of the best free IELTS resources to start with.

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2. English Radio – IELTS TOEFL

Sharpen your listening and speaking skills with English Radio-IELTS TOEFL. The radio from various English-speaking countries is featured in this app giving you a better understanding of different countries' accents, discussion topics, and spoken English practice on daily basis. Users can create favorites lists and save the best radio stations in the app.

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3. IELTS Vocabulary

If you aim at boosting vocabulary skills then IELTS Vocabulary plays a significant role in this. Vocabulary is based on common categories such as travel, family, friends, business, and more. This app is suitable for any exam type and level of understanding of the candidate. Students can locate the nearest testing centers through this app.

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4. IELTS Test Pro 2020

IELTS test pro-2020 is free of cost and available in the market and is one of the best IELTS resources for future test takers. For pro-IELTS assistance, sample tests, 3000 tasks, and a progress report of the candidate. It is a top-rated app marked as a true helper for preparing well for the IELTS exam.

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5. IELTS Flashcards

Magoosh is a top-rated company for the preparation of exams such as GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Test preparation and vocabulary on the basis of difficulty level are provided in the app. The app is created by highly qualified IELTS tutors which makes it worth downloading.

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Best Online IELTS Courses

  1. Complete IELTS Training Course By Dr. Roma
  2. Understanding IELTS (FutureLearn & The British Council)
  3. IELTS Prep & Practice (Magoosh Online)
  4. IELTS VIP by IELTS Advantage
  5.  Free IELTS Academic Test Preparation by edX

From where to download IELTS Practice Test?

Here are the 5 best IELTS resources from which students can download IELTS preparation material, an IELTS sample paper with answers, and the latest IELTS exam update.

1. https://www.romaielts.com/s/store/courses/description/COMPLETE-IELTS-TRAINING-COURSE

2. https://www.ielts.org/usa/ielts-practice-test

3. https://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/take-ielts/prepare/free-ielts-practice-tests

4. https://www.idpielts.me/free-ielts-practice-test/

5. https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/exams/ielts/practice-tests

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