Why Students Fail In IELTS Or Could Get Desired Band Score In IELTS Exam? 

In my experience of teaching IELTS, I have many candidates getting stressed out because of not getting desired band score in their IELTS exam. Their score remained stuck on the same position instead of practicing again and again or reattempting the exam in order to get desired band score in all or particular IELTS modules either it could read, writing listening, and speaking. 

So, in this article, I am going to cover the major reasons why students get fail in IELTS or not get desired band score in their IELTS exam. Make sure to read the complete blog so that you can work on the points in which you are lacking.

9 Reasons Why Students Get Fail in IELTS?

1. Attempting IELTS Exam Again & Again

I have seen this major misconception among the students that they just keep attempting the exam again and again with the hope of getting desired band score of 7 or more in their exam. But let me tell you that it is one of the biggest mistakes.

Attempting your exam again & again is just a waste of time and money. Also, it leads to either stuck your score on the low band or degrades your results from your previous performance. So, it suggested to all that don’t register for the IELTS exam until you are clear with your weak areas or you have practiced enough on which module you were lacking.

What to observe?

  • Look at your writing pattern. Your mock test score in writing task 1 or task 2.
  • Check on your grammar and vocabulary areas if they are up to mark or not.
  • Your way of speaking. Are you capable enough to speak up your every idea within the given time?
  • Most important is to observe your time management skill for attempting the IELTS exam. 
  •  Have you practiced topic-specific vocabulary for the IELTS exam or not.

    2. Gaining Too Much Knowledge

    You must have heard the quote-

    Excess of anything is Poison!!

It gets implemented correctly when it comes to IELTS exam practice. There are numerous YouTube channels, Instagram, and Facebook pages on the internet that offer IELTS-centric valuable content to the candidates. You must be the following couple of them but if you observe then just following and reading their posts is not enough until and unless your start implanting that valuable information in a real-life exam.

Also, following excess of these channels can make you puzzled and your brain overloaded with an excess of information. The only is to follow the Best IELTS preparation sources in order to specific and valuable information that you can implement while attempting your IELTS exam.

    3. You Were Not Prepared For IELTS Exam

The next major reason is you have registered for your IELTS exam but you were not ready for giving so. Some candidates get in a hurry to register for the IELTS exam and appear for the exam with just a little knowledge about the modules and with little or no practice. This leads them to get a low band score. 

With the fast-paced society, everybody wants quick results with little practice but it is not possible in the IELTS exam. So, it is suggested to all students that firstly they have to prepare themselves for the IELTS exam and after the right guidance from your mentor, one must fill the registration of IELTS exam.

4. Reattempting Without Observation

I have observed a pattern in many students that when they get fail in the IELTS exam, they instantly register for the next IELTS exam slot with is absolutely a wrong step. 

As I mention before that appearing for the exam, again and again, is not the task. Your goal is to crack the IELTS exam with desired band score. For that, you have to observe your mistakes. The observation of mistakes is only possible when you are practicing for an exam and with the guidance of your IELTS mentor, you are analyzing your weak areas and working upon it.

For an instance, if you are getting a low band score in your writing exam, then improve your grammar mistakes, prepare topic-centric vocabulary.

For improvement in speaking skills, practice common IELTS exam topics or check out some material on IELTS speaking tips.

5. Don’t Have Time to Study- Switch To Online Classes

The next problem that I see candidates facing that they don’t have adequate time to study, it could be due to work pressure, family duties, lack of concentration, tiredness, and so on. 

The best way to remove so is to join online classes. We have designed a marvelous IELTS Preparation Course By Dr. Roma for our candidates in which they can study anywhere anytime with online IELTS classes. Also, they will get access to IELTS preparation material.

Another way is to plan your daily routine timetable and spare some time for IELTS preparation. Even if you find 30 minutes for it, invest them in the best way. Balance the time for study and entertainment purposes. Improve and work upon your weak sections and get the latest updates about the IELTS exam and its study material through YouTube, News, Blogs, and so on.

6. Preparing On Your Own & Not Getting Results

If you are one of those candidates who is preparing on their own (with online study material) and not getting feedback as per your expectations then you are choosing the wrong path to success.

Choosing a writing mentor is very important to crack the IELTS exam with 7 or more desired band scores who can guide you through your mistakes. Make sure to access that online IELTS preparation course or IELTS teacher who can provide one-to-one guidance to each candidate and can answer your every query at the earliest.

If you are joining group IELTS classes then also makes sure to ask about your queries as much as you can. Observe your mock test mistakes and ask your teacher about their improvements. After that, self-practicing is feasible and recommended.

7. Not Finding Accurate Information On Web

As mentioned earlier, the web is flooded with IELTS material and information that sometimes lead many candidates in the wrong direction. Let me tell you how!!

Everyone looks for an easy way to crack the IELTS exam that leads them to inaccurate information like wrong writing exam questions, fake sample material, IELTS teacher with no formal qualification from Cambridge, and so on.

What to do?

  • Only rely on material from some authentic sites like Cambridge IELTS books, IDP study material, The British Council Study Material.

  • Be careful of the people claiming 9 band score with misleading and inaccurate information.

  • Be aware of Common IELTS Myths and rely on IELTS proven facts only.

  • Rely on the Best IELTS trainer with experience in this field and a record of getting good results. Make sure to check IELTS candidate’s testimonials.

8. Accept the Reality 

IELTS exam is conducted to test your English-speaking skills in every way either from reading, writing, speaking, or listening point of view. Nobody can be a master in one day or one week. It takes time and dedication to do so. So be careful of the false emails and videos that claim 9 Band scores in 2-3 days. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Accept the reality that it takes time and hard work for getting 7 or more band scores from 5-6 band scores.

9. Focusing on Writing Task 2

Writing task 2 carries twice the marks of writing task 1, but you should remember that balance between both writing task marks is very important in order to excel in the writing module.

If you have practiced writing task 2 too much and did not get a good band score in writing task then also you end up getting a 6 band score in the writing exam. So focus on each and every module as the final band score is the average band of score in each module.

Dr. Roma

Content Writer