IELTS Reading: What are the ways to calculate IELTS Reading Scores?

Most candidates feel eager to know about their scores after giving the exam. They want to know if they have achieved valid results to move abroad or not. It is quite easy to get the desired results especially if you apply important tips and tricks in IELTS Reading. Also, once the IELTS result is out, you can check your IELTS result online by entering the details. You can see your IELTS reading scores, listening scores, and writing and speaking scores.

A candidate receives a score chart, dictating the scores of each module. He can verify the bands by calculating the IELTS score. You can use a calculator to observe your skill level and practice accordingly.

IELTS reading score calculator

It is true that an IELTS reading score calculator is often used to transform your raw marks got out of 40 into the 1-9 band scores. Moreover, the IELTS score calculator scores you like 3,5,7, etc, or half band scores like 4.5, 5.5, 7.5, etc. It has been proved that innumerable candidates prefer using the IELTS calculator for their good preparation. Furthermore, the results help them put more focus on unknown topics. And, they can improve their skills required to solve the topic easily. 

Want to know about a good IELTS reading score?

There is no lie telling that majority of IELTS trainers think that getting an 8 band will contribute to an above-average band score. Some of the IELTS trainers reckon that having a reading score above 7 helps them earn a good IELTS score. For instance, if your band score is 8 or above then you have a praiseworthy operational hold over the language and can handle complex questions. However, scoring 7 bands means that you are capable of managing complex discussions in known situations with a few mistakes.

How does the examiner mark you in the IELTS reading? Do you know the criteria?

The candidates are usually scored between 0-9 increasing by 0.5 units as per the performance. It is necessary to answer all the 40 questions asked in the three reading passages, within an hour. Examiner gives you one mark for every correct answer. Thus, the total raw score is 40. The marks received out of 40 will be changed into the band scores. You must know that there is a difference between the IELTS academic reading bands and the general reading score bands.

Look at the table below that defines different band scores with their meanings:

Is it possible for a non-native speaker to score 9 bands?

Undoubtedly, it is easy for a nonnative English speaker to score 9 bands in the IELTS reading module. Honestly, they must have consistent practice and familiarity with all types of reading topics. Also, one needs to do some extra reading practice to enhance their reading stamina, grammar, speed, vocabulary, spelling, and time handling skills. Moreover, you can spend about 45 days on IELTS reading preparation or spend 3-4 hours a day.

Remember, you can enhance your English knowledge by making reading your habit. It will help you be more comfortable in understanding the language and answering the questions easily.

Mock Tests for your IELTS reading score improvement

Candidates can train themselves better by taking the different practice tests. The tests are assembled in a defined way to assess their reading skills. You can practice yourself with these tests as they will make you familiar with the questions asked in the exam and improve your skimming and scanning.

What is the IELTS reading score validity?

Undoubtedly, the IELTS reading score is valid for two years from the date of the IELTS test. You can consider it as proof of your English skills. This IELTS result online can be sent to the universities and immigration office within the same span of time. Also, your IELTS reading results will be invalid. Furthermore, you may check IELTS score validity to get clarity about the reading score validity.


An IELTS exam plays a significant role to make your file-processing process faster. The scores show your knowledge of English. For instance, the IELTS reading score gives an idea about your reading skills to the institutions and the immigration officials. We hope that the details being discussed in the blog will assist you in understanding the reading scores, their scoring method, and their validity. Dr. Roma's IELTS online coaching can help you further in understanding the modules in depth.


How can you score 8 or above bands in IELTS reading?

A candidate can score 8 bands or above in IELTS listening and reading if you give at least 36 correct answers out of 40. Usually, IELTS reading and listening have a total of 40 questions in the exam.

How many Reading Passages do you have to Read in the IELTS reading test?

There is a total of three reading passages in the academic IELTS which you have to read. In contrast, GT IELTS has three sections and in each section, you may get more than one passage to read.

Will my marks deduct on answering the question wrong?

No. Honestly, candidates’ marks are not deducted when they answer the question wrong. So, make sure that you answer every question because sometimes you may be fortunate to get one mark for having an answer correct randomly.

Will you be given Extra Time to Transfer your Answers?

The answer is NO. There is no extra time for transferring the answers. Candidates have to pen down the answers on the answer sheet in the time frame.


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