Useful Synonyms For IELTS Writing Task To Score High In Exam

Vocabulary plays an essential role in IELTS examination. Whether it is Reading, Speaking, Listening or Writing test, in each and every module, a student should be well versed with the word usage.

Talking about Writing test, bands are decided on the basis of four parameters, that is,

  • Coherence & Cohesion
  • Grammatical range and accuracy
  • Lexical resources
  • Task achievement

So, lexical resources or word usage is one of the criteria which should be effective to achieve higher score in IELTS writing exam.

This blog will particularly focus on different synonyms which can be used to achieve the desired bands.

Importance of Synonyms In IELTS Writing

Synonyms are the exact or real meaning of the words. English language is a huge ocean of vocabulary and to have an impact of the language over someone, synonyms can be used.

  • Wide range of words helps you to avoid repetition and redundancy.
  • It makes the reader interested in the writing.
  • It also give your writing an effective or qualitative length.
  • It will also improve your band score under the lexical resources criteria.

Task 1- Report Writing

In report writing , a report of at least 150 words is required where any of the diagram or illustration will be given and one is required to explain that illustration in one’s own way. Different synonyms which can be used while writing a report can be:-

Depicting Words In Introduction

  • It depicts...
  • It illustrates....
  • The table shows....
  • These pie charts give information about..
  • The map presents...
  • The diagram depicts...
  • These diagrams depict...
  • The diagram demonstrates..
  • These flowcharts illustrate...

Words Written With Years

  • Between 1990 and 2000.

  • From 1990 to 2000.

  • In 1890.

  • In the years of 1990 to 2000.

For Rephrasal

  • Result/ outcome..
  • Population, number of people, the populace
  • Survey/research...

For Starting First Paragraph

  • It can be clearly seen that...

  • It is evident that...

  • It is apparent that...

For Second Paragraph

  • Moving to..
  • Turning to...
  • Moving further...

To Show Trend In Body Paragraphs

  • Increase/decrease, Incline/decline, soar/Plunge, rise/downfall...

  • Almost same, equal, not much difference,...

  • Remained same, was constant, did not change,...

  • Minimum, lowest, least, lower, small amount...

  • Maximum, highest, significant amount, majority...

  • Fluctuates- zigzag trend, upward and downward..

Some another Synonyms

  • Projected, anticipated, forecasted, expected...
  • Process, steps, series,...
  • Countries, nations, different parts of world...
  • Different, various, distinct...
  • Number, count, strength, figure...
  • Waste, garbage, rubbish

Connectors For Conclusion

  • Overall..
  • All in all..

Task 2- Essay Writing

Essay writing is a task where an essay of minimum 250 words is required with proper usage of words and correct explanation of ideas. Different range of synonyms or vocabulary is used while writing an essay which has no limit and can be win over by practicing. Here is the list of some useful and effective synonyms which students can use to have excellent band score.

In Introduction

For Opinion Statement

  • I believe that...
  • I reckon that...
  • In my point of view....

For General Statement In Intro

  • Some people think that...
  • According to some people...
  • It is generally said that...

In Body Paragraphs

For Start (Connectors)

  • First of all, firstly, first and foremost...
  • There are many factors which influence my point of view...
  • On one hand,
  • For contrast ( on the other hand)...

For Continuing Ideas

  • Furthermore,..
  • In addition to...
  • Moreover, also, additionally

For Last (Connectors)

  • Lastly,
  • Finally,
  • Last but not the least...

For Conclusion

  • In conclusion,...

  • To summarize...

  • To conclude...

List of Useful Synonyms

Usually Basically, generally, casually
Tourist Travelers, globetrotters,
World Globe, Earth
Necessary Required, essential, needed
Children Juveniles, kids, offsprings
Develop Prosper, grow,
Information Data, knowledge, news
Students Scholars, pupils, educatees
Encourage Motivate
Negative Adverse, opposite, unfavorable
Positive Favorable,
Online Network-based, computer-based, virtual
Modern Contemporary
Traditional Conventional
Improve Ameliorate, progress, improve
Technical devices Electronic gadgets
Communication Socialization, interaction, conversation
Youth Youngsters, young people
Banned Forbidden, restricted
Pollution Environment degradation, environment deterioration
Reducing Mitigating, combating, improving, dwindling, curbing
Important Necessary, better, superior, essential, significant
Consume Utilize, use, intake
Advantages Merits, pros, favorable, positives
Disadvantages Demerits, cons, unfavorable, negatives
Agree or disagree In favor/ not in favor, in support/ do not support
Migrating Shifting, moving
Government High authority officials,
Teacher Trainer, educator, tutor, human instructor..
Prison Lockup, jails
Weaknesses Shortcomings, Deficiencies.
Strengths Abilities,
Women/men Females/males, girls/boys
Spend Expend, utilize, to give
Difficulties Problems, hurdles, obstacles
Computer games Video games, PlayStation games
Bad effects Harmful impact, detrimental, atrocious
Programme Course, study
Unwarranted Baseless, groundless
Strict Stringent, rigorous, stern
Effective Constructive, productive..
Old fashioned Outdated, obsolete, out of date, outmoded
University courses Tertiary courses
Logical Sensible, sane, rational
Good Excellent, fine, superb, splendid, wonderful
Bad Evil, spoiled, imperfect, infamous
Happy Pleased, joyous, cheerful, delighted, jubilant
Amazing Incredible, fantastic, fabulous, astonishing
Calm Peace, tranquil
Dangerous Hazardous, risky, precarious
Dull Boring, monotonous, uninteresting
Famous Well known, renowned, eminent
Funny Humorous, amusing, hilarious, comical
New Unique, modern, current, recent
Old Ancient, aged, primitive, stale
Wrong Incorrect, inaccurate, mistaken, erroneous
Brief Short, concise
Conflict Fight, battle, struggle
Different Diverse, various, distinct..
Begin Initiate, commence, inaugurate
Work Profession, job, occupation

Vocabulary is essential in IELTS Writing Exam. The exam is not conducted to check your vocabulary. Although it should be effective it is not the only criteria. Just focus on explaining your ideas by correct sentence usage. Basically, your ideas should be conveyed to the reader in an appropriate way. Go and practice for it enough times and you will feel the change that you are getting an idea of how these words are used in a sentence.

Dr. Roma

Content Writer