How To Keep Yourself Focused In IELTS Listening?

We, at BDS institute always put our continuous efforts into helping candidates to grab high scores in the IELTS exam. Exam days are always stressful and anxious. So, we have jotted down some really helpful tips and facts that might reduce your stress and make you more focused and relaxed on your exam day.

Here, in this article, we are going to share helpful tips in keeping yourself focused in IELTS listening.

9 Tips To Stay Focused in IELTS Listening

1. Build a habit of listening to English

The most important step to build a habit of listening to English every day. It helps in gaining a better understanding of the accent and its natural usage. There are thousands of sources on the web form where you can develop the habit of listening along with entertainment.

While on a travel journey be it of just 20 minutes, you can utilize it well by listening to podcasts, proving both beneficial and enjoyable.

In the same way, while cooking or using social media aimlessly, make a habit to utilize that time in a better way like listening to TED talk on the topic of your interest. This would help you focus in a better way on your final IELTS exam day and gain understanding.

2. Stay Alert while Listening

Listening to a range of conversations from a variety of sources is a great habit of staying alert while listening to IELTS listening passages. This makes you introduced to a variety of patterns and vocabulary words that are not familiar to you earlier.

Listening actively can help in improving spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and getting answers to questions quite easily.

However, you need to make sure that while listening to a podcast you look up for words that you are not familiar with, search for it in a dictionary, enhance your knowledge by adding on antonyms and synonyms to that word, and in place of just memorizing the word you will try build understanding of the meaning and usage.

3. Don’t take listening as a task

Listen to get entertained not just because you want to crack your exam, that will likely to increase the burden of learning upon you. If you enjoy listening to podcasts or passages then it might be easier to understand.

For this start listening to the videos on the topic of your interest like your favorite speaker, favorite YouTube channel, and TED talk on the topic of your interest. It is not necessary that you should always listen to IELTS-related material for building a habit to listening. ad

4. Don’t lose your Focus

The biggest mistake often committed by many candidates is that they lose focus while listening. This only happens when you are not used to listening to English in your daily routine.

Losing focus in IELTS listening restricts you from getting the desired band in IELTS listening. It may lead you to misread questions, lack of understanding of the passage, creating a panic situation to find the accurate answers, and so on.

What is the best way to stay focused?

Keeping yourself mentally and physically fit helps you in staying aware, alert, and focused in your exam. Little changes in your diet making it a healthier one, choosing walk instead of driving, daily exercise, practice daily to listen to English, give mock tests and overcome the stress of time management.

5. Clear your mind before sitting in the exam center

Right before the exam is going to start, just clear your mind from unwanted thoughts like what will be the result, what to do next, chatting with friends, and so on. Don’t forget that is your moment to perform, push those thoughts aside, and just focus on listening that will ultimately decide the final band score in the IELTS exam.

6. Meditate to promote concentration

Meditation is a helpful tool for candidates for promoting concentration. It allows you to focus on the object and prevents mind scatteredness. This helps a lot in exam time where we solely need to focus on listening. Meditation makes you mentally fit and increases your productivity in day-to-day life and helps in managing stress in a better way.

7. Improve your weaknesses

More than highlighting your strengths, highlight your weaknesses because this is what you need to improve. Listen to the audio and record your mistakes daily. You will observe a pattern of mistakes or you will see the often-committed mistakes by you. Now you can gain a better understanding of mistakes and improve.

8. Have a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most essential meals of the day, especially on exam day. Don’t miss out on your breakfast in the stress of your exam, give a fresh and energetic start to your IELTS exam day with a good meal. It keeps you alert, active and concentrated which enables you to perform well in exams.

9. Remember this is not your last chance

Always remember that this is not your last chance to give IELTS exam. Don’t take the stress of this that if you don’t get desired band score then you can’t clear it in the future. You always get a chance to reappear for IELTS exam or remarking of IELTS exam. This fact might make you more relaxed, comfortable and focused on exam day.

Dr. Roma

Content Writer