How to overcome stress and anxiety to get the required IELTS bands?

IELTS test is a bridge that fills the gap between your education in your hometown and in an English-speaking country. These days, the majority of folks are opting out of foreign destinations to study, work and live there.

IELTS test is one of the tests among other English tests which judges your hold over the knowledge of the English language. It is just like another career-building test, which is needed to be scored higher to get your visa for an abroad destination.

Now the question arises, what are the hurdles that come in the way that you are not able you get your desired score in an exam, in spite of so much hard work and knowledge. Well, the answer is your fear, your stressed and anxious nature. It is obviously human nature to feel nervous in exams. This article of mine will get you some of the reasons behind it and will tell you the measures to overcome it.

Reasons for Stress and Anxiety

  • Stress comes from fear. Fear is one of the negative stress boosters in your mind.
  • Worrying about letting others down, fear of not being prepared, fear of difficult questions, all these add up to your stress.
  • It also comes from the negative comments around you. Students usually, these days, search articles on the web about IELTS. Within searching, they get to read about negative comments too, which are posted by people who were not able to clear it.
  • Stress and anxiety come from your attitude towards life. If you will have positive thoughts, stress will never come.

Measures to Avoid Stress & Anxiety

1. Prepare Well

It is an obvious solution that you should practice hard for your test. Generally, you tend to get nervous when you are not fully prepared. How one can expect to score higher without preparation? No, right? So if you don’t want to feel nervous, just prepare for your test enough times, and that, too, in real-time situations with set time limits. Get helpful online IELTS Study Material from Dr. Roma's Complete IELTS Preparation Course.

2. Prepare from authorized websites

Students always come across with the fear of difficult questions which could be asked in the examination. Well, it is not appropriate. Prepare from the authorized material available over the web on sites such as Cambridge, IDP, British Council, etc. Just follow the materials of official IELTS bodies, as others can just add up to your stress level by encouraging fake difficulty levels.

3. Identify your weaknesses

Another way to avoid anxiety in exams is better to know your weaknesses beforehand. Make a chart of your progress and know, in which module you are lacking more. Practice for that module harder than others.

Remember- Do not skip practicing for other modules by focusing on one only.

4. Do not lie to yourself

Your progress and your level of preparation are rightly known to you. You can lie to others about your practice but in this case, stress increases. Be honest with yourself. Be fully prepared and do not appear for tests, if you are not feeling confident about your preparation.

5. Set your timetable

Basic but proven way to avoid your fear or worries regarding your test. Do your things under a set timetable. Allot required timings to your modules and other activities too. It will boost your preparation in a directed way.

6. Talk with yourself in the mirror

This might seems funny but it is one of the trusted and tested tricks to boost your confidence. It will help in your speaking module and it helps to remove unnecessary anxiety from your mind.

7. Meditate

Another trick to avoid not only exam stress, but any kind of stress from your mind is to meditate. Concentrate on your activities. Allot time to your different activities in a scheduled way. Don’t try to do multiple actions at the same time. Enjoy each and every activity if you are playing, then just play, if you are eating, then concentrate on eating. It will help you a lot in having a concentrated mind.

8. Deep Breathing exercises

A psychological trick after meditation is deep breathing exercises. Take care of your breathing pattern. It will be helpful for you to concentrate on breathing except for any other deviation. Initially, start with 10 to 15 minutes, then, it can be extended up to an hour. It would be beneficial to remove any kind of stress and not only exam stress.

Tricks to Remove Stress a Day Before Exam

1. Venue checking

Another kind of stress comes when you do things in a hurry. It is suggested that you should do your things in proper order. The major concern here, is, that you should check your examination center beforehand. Go a day ago or any day before an exam, check the distance of your home to the center, and check the place from the inside. It will make you reach in time and also, familiar with the place.

2. Good sleep and a healthy meal

These are very important things to be kept in mind whenever you are going to appear for a test is that you should have a good sleep. Don’t stress out with a fear of being unprepared, and don’t feel anxious by keep on reading and reading, again and again. Nothing will be changed in one night and remember, nothing new can be learned. So take a good sleep.

Another is a good meal. Yes, don’t skip your meal in a hurry. If you had a good sleep, you can wake up on time, have a meal, and then appear for your exam.

3. Think that IELTS is not an only option

Yes, it's funny but a day before the exam, convince yourself that IELTS is not the one ambition only. What if you did not pass, you have other goals too, although not. Take it in an enjoyable way and appear for it in a calm way without any fear of its failure. Talk to yourself that you have other options too, in your life. You have your life at least which is worth thankful for.

4. Do not cram the material

Many of the students have a habit to cram the material a day before the exam, which is totally stressful. Keep your material aside and just focus on the tricks or mistakes from which you have learned. It will be a good way to remove your anxiety.

5. Believe in yourself

Overcome your stress by believing in yourself. Feel confident about your life. Feel that you can do it and it is not that difficult to feel anxious about. Think of stress as crushed paper and put it in a dustbin. Just go with the flow. There’s much more out.

Overall, stress comes from within first, then outside. Internal stress can only cope with your beliefs and external one is not your problem. It’s the problem of the factors from where it comes. Feel confident about yourself and just relax while giving your test. It’s totally normal.

Dr. Roma

Content Writer