How To Write Effective Introduction & Conclusion In IELTS?

In International English language testing system, a student’s writing skill is judged on the basis of some important parameters, and these parameters are the criteria for a band score. These parameters are required to be fulfilled by students in Writing Task 1 and Task 2. Let us know about these parameters first.

  • Task achievement- Whether the question is appropriately answered and the word limit is fulfilled.

  • Grammatical range and accuracy- Whether the language’s parts of speech or grammar are accurately used.

  • Lexical resources- It means the vocabulary, whether the word usage is appropriate.

  • Coherence & Cohesion- To check whether all the parts of the report/letter and essay are correctly linked to each other.

The particular blog will focus on this writing skill and will let the students know that how to write an effective introduction and conclusion in a report and essay.

1. Introduction

The introduction is basically an opening of any topic. It introduces the reader to the topic and gives a start to further writing. 

Why Intro should be Effective?

The introduction should be attractive as it sets the mind of the reader about the topic further. Basically in Task 2, essay writing, the introduction makes the student’s opinion clear. It makes the reader clear about the furthermore paragraphs. 

How to Write an Intro?

The introduction is all about paraphrasing. Either Task 1 or Task 2, introduce the topic by just molding the question in your own language and this can be done by using the synonyms of the given words.

Do's and Don’ts

  • Do not write the same words
  • Write 1-2 lines for report/ letter.
  • Write 4-5 lines for essay.

1.1 Writing the introduction of Task 1 – Report Writing

(i) Components

▶️ Name of the illustration

There are basically 7 types of pictures or graphs for which a student is expected to write a report. These are table, bar graph, line graph, pie chart, flowchart, diagram, map.

First of all, a student is expected to recognize the name of the illustration and write it in the introduction.

▶️ Depicting Words

Write down the name of the illustration first and then write

  • It depicts
  • It explains
  • It illustrates
  • It provides information about
  • It shows about 

▶️ Paraphrasing

After that, you need to paraphrase the lines

  • It shows about the number of students
  • It explains about the units of consumption of junk food Etc. 

▶️ Write Time Period

At the end, mention the time period or the years for which that information belongs.

  • From 1945 to 1985
  • Between 1945 and 1985
  • In the year of 1985
  • During 1985

(ii) Vocabulary

  • Spending – Expenditure
  • Ratio- Proportion
  • Increase/Decrease- Incline/Decline
  • Place- Location/Site
  • Number- Count
  • Quantity- Amount

The two Pie charts depict the information about Malaysia and Japan’s mean house spendings during 2010.

1.2 Writing Introduction of Task 2 – Essay Writing

(i) Components

▶️ General Statement

Writing a background statement gives a general idea to the reader that what the topic is about. It also gives an effective opening to your essay and helps the reader to start with a flow.

▶️ Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a process of writing what is written in the question but in the student’s own language.

It can be done by

Using Synonyms 

  • Students= Pupils
  • University= College Or Institute
  • Funds = Money
  • World = Globe
  • Travelers= Globetrotters

There is n number of vocabulary which a student can use in an essay. 

Restructuring the Sentence

You can Restructure the Sometimes by changing the order of the information or by changing the pattern of the sentence.

▶️ Opinion Statement

An opinion statement is very much important to be written as it clears the mind of the reader at the very first, that what the student is going to write about, in the further essay.

So here,

A general statement can- In this era of technological advancements each and every country Is in a fight to progress.

Paraphrasing can be- Nowadays, global peace can be assured by having nuclear power in hands. The major benefit of this power is that it provides economical and pollution-free power.

Your opinion statement can be- In my viewpoint, The merits of this type of technology are more than its demerits And by agreeing to the statement I am going to explain my topic in further paragraphs.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Types

2. Conclusion

Concluding lines is the summing up of the topic. These lines give the ending to the topic.

Why Conclusion should be Effective?

It should be effective as it gives a clear ending to the topic. It tells the reader that whatever a student has written in the essay or report is worthy or whether a student sticks to his/her opinion.

How to Write a Conclusion?

Writing an overall conclusion, for Task 1 and Task 2 is somehow trickier but should not be ignored. Just read about what you have written and write it in different words.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Do not write a point.
  • Do not use repetitive words. 
  • Write 4-5 lines for the essay.
  • Write 2-3 lines for report/letter.

2.1 Writing Conclusion of Task 1 – Report Writing

Writing an overview of a report means to give or to mention the important key features of the graph or picture.

Some Do's & Don’ts

  • Don’t write any minor information.
  • Use the key data of the report.
  • Use the connector- overall, all in all
  • No need to mention the time period again unless a key feature belongs to any particular year.
  • Do not write the name of the illustration again.

Overall, it can be seen that the revenues by selling games and DVD’s have increased while the same have been declined in case of CD’s over the period.

2.2 Writing Conclusion of Task 2 Essay writing

To write an effective conclusion for your essay, first, you need to reread your essay. It will give you an idea that what you have written.

Points to remember 

  • Do not write any of the points.
  • Do not use the same words.
  • Try to talk in general. Can clear your opinion again.
  • Stick to your opinion and do not change it from the introduction.
  • Use connectors like, In conclusion, To conclude, To sum up.

To conclude, no doubt, in this globalized world, internet has become a necessity but providing it for free will drain the funds of government which might have been used for other major social causes. As per my opinion, I agree that it should be charged, however rates can be negotiated.

Starting or ending matters a lot. Yes, students, it needs practice as you will be amazed to know that parameters discussed at the starting of the article are scored more for a good intro and conclusion.

Dr. Roma

Content Writer