How to memorize repeat sentences in PTE

Since the ongoing trend of moving abroad has cropped up, it has impacted many young minds extensively. For better growth and lifestyle, many students or job seekers have shown extensive interest in moving to foreign nations like the USA, UK, Canada, and so on. But these candidates are required to take on an English Proficiency Test before seeking higher education or job opportunities abroad. They can opt for the PTE test since it is accepted in various universities abroad and acing it with a good score can open ways to your bright future. Candidates can seek PTE Coaching for levelling up their performance.

Like IELTS, it also comprises four modules but its speaking section is tricky but interesting for many applicants. PTE speaking involves a repeat sentence challenge where candidates have to listen to an audio clip that lasts 3-9 seconds. Then, they have to speak the same sentence without making errors in pronunciation, or intonation. Overall, this part of PTE speaking tests your fluency, memory, and ability to respond all at the same time.

If you are a first-time PTE test-taker then getting a hang of it is very important to avoid losing any scores. Now many candidates come up with the question like

What makes PTE Repeat Sentences difficult? The answer is:

  • Some test-takers find it tricky to catch the exact accent of the speaker in the audio clip which further raises the chances of speaking wrong answers.
  • Candidates are allowed to hear the audio just once and being non-repetitive, your little distraction can cause you to lose major scores. So, memorizing the whole clip is recommendable.
  • They have to repeat the exact sentence or narration, in the end, failing which they will be losing scores.

Since memorization is a challenging task for many test-takers as they can’t remember the whole sentence exactly and utter mismatched words out of confusion or panic state.

So, keep in mind, when you are listening to the audio, you must be thoroughly attentive to understand the clear meaning of the sentence. This will bring clarity to your mind and you can remember words easily.

By doing so, you will score well for being able to speak correctly. But taking a pause for more than 3 seconds will not make you complete your response as the microphone will close. So, it makes no sense in hesitating and pondering too much in this PTE Repeat Sentence section.

But if you follow the following methods, the task can become easy for you.

Emphasis on the meaning

Remember one thing understanding the meaning and getting accurate clarity of the narration is very important. This will help you repeat the entire sentence much more precisely. On the contrary, if you try to remember every single word can make it quite troublesome and hard to repeat afterward.

Avoid imitation of the speaker

Never ever mimic the speaker. Rather, you should understand the intonation and catch the same expression and show it in your voice. For example, if the speaker is laying the focus on any point, you should stress that similarly. But don’t try to imitate the accent because each and every change in the speaker’s intonation or pronunciation will get you puzzled afterward. Hence, you will end up uttering mismatched words.

Make Eye-contact with words

This is the most helpful tactic for the PTW candidates since they can remember what they see with focus. Drawing up a mental picture can help you as when you are about to speak, you may look back at that mental image. If you try it on daily basis, it can turn out to be the best way to memorize the sentence.

Sentence Abbreviation

Usually, it is not recommended to prefer this method to some test takers who find it troubling to examine or remember the sentence. However, it could be a practical approach. In this method, you have to pen down the first letter of each word or the first few letters of each word. When you speak you will look at this short form and use it to reproduce the complete sentence.

Sharpen your vocabulary

You can increase your vocabulary by preparing an academic word list of words through reading distinct books, and novels, and watching English shows. This will make you familiar with the words that are most commonly used in the PTE speaking test. With the knowledge of the words, you can quickly recognize and memorize them when you listen to a sentence.

Familiarity with English tone

As discussed earlier, being familiar with new words and phrases plays a deep role in gaining maximum scores. Since you are planning to move abroad then you must develop your listening and speaking English skills. This will also prepare you for your PTE Exam. You can listen to ted-talks, public speakers on Youtube, and so on.

Listen and repeat

An amazing way for you to remember the words is by showcasing some creativity. Just keep your eyes closed while the audio is on, attentively listen to the clip and start imagining. During this time, you have to try to repeat the words in your mind along with the speaker. This will make you remember the words for some duration after the audio is stopped. Then, you can quickly recall that sentence in a second before the recording starts so that you are able to speak most of the words.

These tips, if followed while practicing through your PTE speaking sample tests or online PTE coaching every day can brainstorm your mind effectively. Therefore, you can avoid getting puzzled in your final test.


With these tips and strategies in mind, you can level up yourself in PTE speaking repeat sentences section. But, remember getting nervous while speaking can create more panic at the moment, so keep yourself relaxed and cool. Speaking fluently with the right pronunciation and intonation of the exact words used by the speaker is the only crux of the matter. You can consult online PTE coaching or take guidance from any offline PTE coaching center like Dr. Roma IELTS which is known for offering excellent teachings to candidates who are appearing for an international English exam like PTE to move abroad.

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming exam.


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