How Netflix Helps To Learn English?

In the modern world, Netflix is among the best and preferable ways to spend leisure time. If we talk about an earlier scenario then we have to wait for days or weeks for our favorite show to be telecasted on the television but these days we can just watch the entire season in one go only with the help of these best streaming apps. I am sure you also have done it once in your lifetime.

Why not blend a useful purpose along with grabbing entertainment from Netflix? Netflix has a plethora of English movies, British Shows, American shows, English Documentaries, Short films, and much more sources that can be helpful for sharpening your English-speaking skills. These films and documentaries use authentic English that often an individual won’t be able to learn from a book.

Listed below are five ways that can help in improving English Speaking Skills-

6 Ways to Improve English with Netflix

1. Start Learning through Subtitles

Generally, we take an approach of translating the idea in the mind on what we want to say which sometimes need a lot of corrections for every minute mistake. So, Netflix can help a lot here. Movies and Episodes streaming on Netflix makes the use of natural language and daily basis conversation that might help you to opt it in real life without making mistake.

For making it more understandable, start with its dubbed version in your language but make sure that subtitles must be in English so that you can identify in what context those words can be used.

Start writing the different words used for expressing various reactions while watching a film on Netflix, like some expressions which are spoken in English very differently. Then relate these written expressions which other films and episodes. This will make you capable of expressing same things with different words and expressions. Also, it will help you to learn that in which context that expression is used.

Now pick the words that you can use in your daily conversations and practice them to speak on daily basis. This will really help you to improve your vocabulary and English-speaking fluency.

2. Start Developing Listening Skills & Practice Daily

Start watching Netflix episodes in English even if you don’t understand or you don’t want to. Make this as your habit and start building up in interest in understanding the conversations. Once you get used to it you will never prefer to watch the dubbed versions again.

At initial stage, you might feel it really difficult and frustrating as you don’t understand everything but don’t worry it’s normal. Start with short episode of any TV series every day or you can start with a short film, in this way you will get habitual of speed, expressions used while speaking, pronunciation of several words and more. This will also make you confident of speaking English while you are talking with any native speaker.

Just a suggestion, you can start with web series that you have already watched in your language as you already know the story, the scene, the characters and more about the series. This practice will help to focus more on the language and expressions rather than understanding the story.

3. Improve English Speaking Fluency and Pronunciation With “Shadowing”

Shadowing is an effective practice for more advance learners such as candidates preparing for C2 proficiency certificates. Shadowing refers to the technique of repeating the same dialogue at the same time with same speed, fluency, accuracy and pronunciation. It will be bit complex to opt at starting stage but with little bit of practice you will see the improvement in speaking skills. With the help of Netflix shows and TV programmes you can practice shadowing efficiently.

Connecting your pronunciation with the native speaker is quite difficult so beginner level candidates can also take the benefit of shadowing. Beginners can start with commonly used lines or famous dialogues from movies and web series at start which is easy to replicate, also sounds more natural.

Another thing you can try for better finishing is to watch a movie and TV series with both English subtitles and audio. This can be little tricky but helps a lot in sharpening English Speaking skills. Speak short phrases again and again by repeating the scene to improve your English pronunciation.

4. Start developing habit of listening to various accents

Many students face this problem of understanding variations in different accents after shifting to different English-speaking countries. So, what we can do is to start developing a habit of understanding different English accents so that we don’t find difficulty afterwards. Netflix has plethora of web series having several types of English-speaking accents. For this, best practice is to switch on the subtitles in your local language to understand what each character is saying.

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5. Discuss it!

Practice is the best way to learn a new language. What’s better than discussing your favourite web series seen on Netflix? This will not only polish your English-speaking skills but also boosts your confidence in keeping your opinion in front of numerous people. Wherever you find an opportunity be it at work, in the bus, at university or at a gym, just grab the chance and talk about it.

Don’t get stuck to a episode or two to watch in English. Try watching full season, movie in English. Afterall this is best way to develop a habit. With time, you will start observing improvement in your English vocabulary. Find someone with whom you can exchange words either in language academy class, IELTS institute or it can be your friend who has his own opinion.

6. Note Down Words You Don’t Understand

Building your own marvellous vocabulary is extremely easy when you start taking interest in new words you hear in your daily routine. While watching a series on Netflix, you hear a word that sounds new to you, immediately pause the video and write it down on the note section of the device. Else, you can pause the video, change the subtitle in your local understandable language and then play the scene again to understand in which context that word is being used.

Keep the browser open in your device on another window for immediate answers to your queries. You can also write the meaning on the note for future references of it. This practice makes you learn the language vocabulary at fast pace and regenerates the interest in learning new language actively.

You can also refer to this amazing google chrome extension named as Language Reactor that immediately helps you to compare two subtitle languages and provides a pop-up dictionary that saves your time for searching the meaning of new words.

List of Popular Web Series and Films on Netflix

Here is the list of popular English Web Series and shows from Netflix for English Learners. Make sure you watch these not just for entertainment but for some really valuable content that add up in the improvement of English Speaking skills.

  • Game of Throne
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Stranger Things
  • House of Cards
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Crown
  • The Big Bang Theory

Wrapping Up…

Woah!! After reading this article, you might be thinking that Netflix is so helpful in improving English. Yes, it is. So, what are you waiting for grab the packet of chips and start binge-watch web series & popular English shows from Netflix?

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