Guidance On Retaking IELTS exam

Everyone knows that IELTS is an important exam that you need to clear to go to a foreign country. The two types of IELTS exams are: academic (for studies) and general (work). For instance, going abroad for your higher studies, you need to choose the IELTS academic. But if you plan to migrate to a different country, then the IELTS general test is the main requirement. Therefore, IELTS training is very crucial for a candidate to hit the jackpot. One can opt for IELTS online coaching for a good level of IELTS exam preparation if they have a busy schedule.

In case you lose your IELTS score on your first attempt, you don’t need to worry. You still hold the chance to achieve your desired IELTS bands.

​​Remember, IELTS retaking is meant for both academic and general exams.

IELTS course online will help you if you fail to perform well on your first attempt and want to retake it. Look at the tips below that you must follow:

  • Consume Your Time: It is true that some things work best at right time. By giving yourself some time, you will be able to practice sharply. If you got 5 bands on your previous test, make sure you consume your time wisely before the re-attempt, at least 6 months possibly.
  • Mental Relaxation: Candidates also need to be mentally relaxed to be well-prepared for their IELTS re-attempt. It’s better to put a delay in your next attempt rather than make a wrong attempt again.
  • Keep Practicing: You must consistently practice obtaining your goal. You must remember the more you practice, the more confident you become for your exam. Don't forget that each time you give the test, the questions will be different so you must study accordingly. You can see IELTS exam material online to help you develop your confidence.
  • Know your Suitability: As discussed above, there are 2 types of IELTS, offline and online. You have to be clear about the exam that suits you the best. If candidates feel comfortable with pen-pencil, they must choose the traditional test method. Else they should go for the online test.
  • Avoid repeating mistakes: Make sure that you don't repeat the mistakes that you made in your previous exam. Your old mistakes should serve as a strength to you in your re-attempt. You just need to see what went wrong in your IELTS exam so that you don’t develop the habit of continuing your last blunder.
  • IELTS preparation course: Often good online IELTS preparation materials are very beneficial when it comes to IELTS preparation. You can practice more via IELTS mock test, IELTS practice tests, and IELTS sample test. You must make notes about the tasks you have found difficult to deal with for preparing a strategy to deal with them.
  • Key areas that need attention: Once you have defined the key areas for improvement and established a good study plan, it is time for you to train for your next attempt.
  • Seek help: It happens that several IELTS test takers plan, re-take the IELTS test, and succeed on their own. It is perfectly okay, however, and in some cases even recommendable, to get assistance. You can attend an online IELTS practice session after signing up for an IELTS training course if you think you need professional guidance.

Fee structure for IELTS retake:

There is no difference between the IELTS's second attempt and the first attempt. You must know that the registration cost and the exam fee are unchangeable regardless of how frequently you appear for IELTS. It will cost you anywhere between 12,000 and 15,000 for the exam, depending on the type of test you select to appear for.

Is retaking the IELTS considered a negative factor for college and university admissions abroad?

The answer is no. There has never been the case that if you retake IELTS, it could be a bottleneck to your university and college entrances. None of the IELTS test centers informs the foreign universities and colleges about your last IELTS scores, which you don’t wish to tell.

Moreover, they never tell the institutes about how many times you have given the exam before. They send the details only about the latest score report to the institute of your choice. If you are having 2 test reports with you, it is you who has to decide which score you would like to inform the university and college.

There is no reason why retaking IELTS should be bad for admissions because the latest or the previous IELTS scores remain between you and the test center only.

A few more important points to consider:

Set achievable targets

Retaking the IELTS exam to get the score you desire is usually highly recommended. You must not hurry to instantly take the exam again. Make sure you can pursue your objectives. If there is a prominent difference between your IELTS band scores and those you require, consider opting for an English language course or the test itself again before completing an IELTS training course. You must make the maximum of your time at home, and increase your score with live sessions for IELTS from IELTS Online coaching so that you can improve and get a good score when you re-sit in the test.

Attend Online Coachings

If you find it challenging to improve and understand the basics of English in any part, you should consider taking professional coaching or online tutoring. With 24*7 support and strict supervision, you can get a transparent idea of how you are performing and how much you still need to improve.

Don’t pressurize yourself

You should avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve the target. Keep focussing on improving your language rather than having every answer correct. You must give the test only when you feel you are ready and confident enough to clear the IELTS exam.


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