Canadian Visa Requirements And Eligibility For Work/Study/PR

Canada is an immigration destination for more than 3 lac immigrants every year.

Why Canada?

Well, the transparent government policies, excellent quality of life, and enough amount of wealth and resources make it a country worth living in. Apart from this, residents can enjoy great business and job opportunities. It is one of the developed countries and has been ranked top amongst others.

1. For Study

Canada has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations. The most popular and top-ranked cities in which students prefer to study are Ontario, Toronto, British Columbia, Quebec, and Montreal.

The duration of any undergraduate course in Canada is 3 to 4 years and for any postgraduate degree, it extends from 1 to 3 years.


  • It is the requirement of top Canadian universities.
  • It assesses the language capability of speakers who speak English as their second language to study in a primarily English-speaking country.

Requirements of IELTS band score for study purposes

Course type

Requirements of score

Undergraduate degree

Overall 6.0

And 5.5 in each module.

Postgraduate degree

Overall 6.5

And 6.0 in each module.

To ensure that a student is able to enter into premises of any Canadian university, he or she is required to take IELTS academic test to enter into the foundation, undergraduate, or postgraduate course in any Canadian academic institution. Though there are stringent rules to enter, it can be achieved. A student is required to score an overall 6.5 and a minimum of six bands in each module to enter into good Canadian universities. This information can be upgraded from authorized websites such as or .

Name of University

Undergraduate course

Postgraduate course

1. University of Toronto



2. University of British Columbia



3. Mcmaster University



4. McGill university



5. University Of Montreal

Contact institution

Contact institution

6. University of Alberta



7. University of Waterloo



2. For Work

Foreign citizens to Canada require a legal work permit to work in Canada. In this case, a person is required to apply from immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada(IRCC) or a Canadian visa office. There are basically two types of work permits:-

1. An open work permit where an employee is free to work anywhere.

2. An employer-specific work permit where an employee is specifically asked to work under the mentioned employer.


  • You need to get a job form from any Canadian employer.
  • Employers must apply for a labor market impact assessment from employment and social Development Canada (ESDC) as it will decide whether an employer can invite any foreign employee or not.
  • You can’t use a work permit to immigrate to Canada it is for some time only.
  • The Canadian work permit visa allows business people common permanent workers, temporary workers, students, and others to work in Canada. Every year more than three Lac individuals are granted permits to work in Canada.
  • Under a Canadian work permit visa, you can:-
  • Travel across Canada.
  • Earning dollars.
  • Apply for PR later.
  • Work in Canada under the mentioned employer.

General eligibility requirements:-

  • Give proof to an officer that you will move out of Canada after the expiry of your work permit.
  • Have enough documents to show financial ability to stay in Canada.
  • Have no record of any criminal activity or any offense.
  • Must have good health and pass the medical tests if required.

3. For Canadian PR

The express entry system is the fastest way for skilled workers to gain permanent residence in Canada. Canada has strict rules over PR as only skilled workers can gain a PR in Canada. There are basically three different pathways through which a worker can have PR in Canada.

  • Federal skilled worker program.
  • Federal skilled trade program.
  • Canadian experience class.

It takes six months to process your application and during this duration, you are required to check your IELTS test results and their validity for the approval of your visa.

Requirements of Score or Band

To check language proficiency, a person should have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of at least 7 and a minimum of 6.0 bands in each module of IELTS. CLB score is decided as:-


























Apart from these scores, other criteria also matter like level of education, age, work experience, etc. Other tests through which you can be eligible for PR in Canada are TEF and CELPIP.

How to apply for a Canadian visa?

1. Checking the eligibility

  • A person who has lived in Canada three years out of the last five years.
  • A person who has paid the taxes, if so.
  • If the person has passed a citizenship test.
  • If the person has proved the language ability in English or French.

2. After checking your eligibility for the Canada PR, you have to apply for it by filling out an application form or necessary fees.

3. After that, you will be contacted by a Canadian state and you have to undergo a test and an interview.

Tests and interviews will be compulsory for people in the age group of 18 to 54. Above 54 age group are required to pass and interview only, irrespective of the test. Also, the minors less than 18 age group are not required to take a test, yet in some cases, the interview is necessary.

4. At last, you will be a permanent resident of Canada but with another step on the way, that is to attend an Oath and Citizenship Ceremony held in the country itself. You will be contacted for this 2 weeks prior to the ceremony.

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Where to Find the right information?

If the students are interested in studying or working or immigrating in Canada then the whole of the information can be contacted or known by the Canadian website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, that is,

Canada is the first preference of those with high ambitions. Whether a student or a worker, anyone can apply for a Canadian visa. Although the rules are stringent, they can be applied under the aforementioned norms. IELTS eligibility is a necessity too for a student or work visa. However, for PR, English language proficiency is to be proved.

Dr. Roma

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